Family Medicine: Wisdom Tooth Extraction – To Do It Or Not?

Family Medicine: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At certain stage of our lives, we will face the question of whether to extract the pain of wisdom tooth. In some cases, there are no pain to the wisdom tooth yet. Shanghai Sky Clinic Family Medicine - International Hospital Shanghai brings you to explore the topic of wisdom tooth in this article.


  • What is Wisdom Tooth all about?

The common name however is ‘Wisdom Tooth’ because they appear later than other teeth, at an age where people are presumably "wiser" than of a child. With its rather fanciful brainy name, wisdom tooth does not bring beautiful wishes but rather of pain.

Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most adults have four wisdom teeth (a third molar in each of the four quadrants), but it is possible to have fewer or more. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when healthy and properly aligned, but more often, they are misaligned and require removal. However, some lucky adults never have wisdom tooth in their life, this is normal in such instances.

Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Everyone has different jaw bone structure and the direction of growth for wisdom tooth have no define logic. Hence when wisdom teeth are misaligned, they may position themselves horizontally, be angled toward or away from the second molars, or be angled inward or outward. Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves. Such poor alignment is the cause of discomfort and source of pain, infection, bleeding and facial deformation.

  • Wisdom Tooth, To Extract Or Not?

 Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction
The decision to extract your wisdom tooth or not can be filled with indecisiveness or at times, difficult to make. But as common sense, normal healthy teeth in our mouth should be kept for the longest time possible as any form of tooth extraction, in some small cases, can lead to possible loss of memory or damage the nerve vein. Most dentist will recommend an extraction of wisdom teeth as a form precautionary measure against future damage to ones’ health. To this end, the extraction of wisdom can be seen as health benefit as it protects neighbouring tooth from being affected by any decaying wisdom tooth.

Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction

However, not all wisdom tooth deserves to be extract from its place. For example, if the development of wisdom tooth is properly aligned at its height with its neighboring teeth, or if the neighboring teeth is lost, or if the wisdom tooth is totally buried into the bone structure of the mouth and does not cause any undue pressure to the nerve system in concern, which causes pain or damage, the choice to retain the wisdom tooth is therefore taken in a positive light until such times of pain arises.

  • Such Wisdom Tooth Need Extraction
    From Shanghai Sky Clinic Family Medicine

Under such circumstances, most dentists will recommend the extraction of wisdom tooth:

Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction
1.    Decaying Tooth
2.    The growth of the wisdom tooth intrudes neighboring tooth
3.    Space limitation for the proper growth of the wisdom tooth
4.    Difficulties in maintaining of proper cleanliness of the wisdom tooth
5.    The wisdom tooth does not have an equal opposite tooth to apply biting pressure.
6.    The area where wisdom tooth prevents the growth of neighboring tooth
In any case, the decision to extraction of wisdom tooth shall be made with proper consultation of a professional dentist.

  • How To Reduce The Pain Cause by Wisdom Tooth?

Shanghai Family Medicine Wisdom Tooth Extraction

For those who have not extract their wisdom tooth, below are some ways to reduce the pain:
1.    Do not use your tongue to caress the wisdom tooth.
2.    Use salt water to rinse your mouth after each meal
3.    Consume less high calories unhealthy food, instead opt for healthy choices such as bitter gourd, lotus, chrysanthemum tea.
4.    Apply pain relieving medication.
5.    Massage lightly from the outer facial skin till a small pain occur. 40-50 counts each day. Your wisdom tooth pain will subside after a few days.
6.    Wrapped some ice in a piece of clothes and apply to the affected area from the outer facial skin.

Tips of the Day
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After reading this article, there will some of you that will feel blessed that you do not have wisdom tooth. The truth be told, there are instances where wisdom tooth are trapped in jaw bone and yet to grow from its “ambush” area, the wisdom tooth and its pain may still occur unexpectedly. Another concern among ladies is, if the extraction of wisdom tooth can amount to slimmer look on the facial area. This question and answer are inconclusive whereby some dentists believe that in some cases, the shape of the face is related to bone structure but not the wisdom tooth. In any case, the question can only be answer with full analysis of the wisdom tooth.

The above article serves only as a reference. Kindly refer to your medical professions for complete consultation and treatment.

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