The speed of life

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“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed” – Mahatma Gandhi once that.


We don’t realize that, till our body start to send us signals.

 Talking about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  which is one of the most common diseases of the 21st century.

 Almost half of the world's population suffer from this disease. Many people now may ask the question - what is it and how to get rid of it. Let's try  to understand.

 Chronic fatigue syndrome - this is a condition where a person feels tired almost constantly, sometimes even after sleeping or resting .

 Some doctors actually consider this syndrome as a disease, and someone thinks that chronic fatigue syndrome is nothing, but a psychological problem that must be treated in the sofa of a psychologist.


Faced with this problem, doctors and scientists from many countries did a serious research. In 1987, the classification of diseases appeared " chronic fatigue syndrome ". But this does not mean that mankind has struck an unknown disease. Just before it was called differently: masked depression. Da Costa 's syndrome , neurasthenia ...


At first a CFS patient may thinks that its not a problem and that he can fix it with a weekend of rest or taking a vacation.

 The concern arises after the holiday when you still don’t feel better.

This is an alarm there you should stop and ask your self: Do I have CFS?

 The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome lie primarily in the fact that we modern people, constantly in hurry, try to work as much as possible or earn as much money as possible and do all the chores. And if suddenly we allow ourselves a little rest, then we immediately begin to feel guilty for the fact that we spend time in vain.  All this of course is good, there 's only one "but" - the human body is designed so that it can not always work , sometimes it needs to rest both physical and morally, chronic fatigue arises not only from the physical exertion , but also  the emotional .

 Emotional fatigue comes from the fact that modern man is forced to live permanently on some strict plan,  should always be active and collected, But sooner or later people get tired always be at the center of events, get tired of urgent matters, from the responsibility.


 Overloaded nervous system, trying to keep the rest of the body from the breakdown , goes to the emergency mode, appears lethargy , irritability, easily " picked up " sicknesses and flue..

It is important to notice these signals sent by the body , and to try to understand how you could put your self in such a position.


 the patient may experience delayed motor coordination , frequent depression , discomfort, muscle aches, memory loss , pain in the chest and throat, dizziness, nervous excitability, which is replaced by an alarm condition . This list of symptoms is not complete, since Scientists are still not fully understood chronic fatigue syndrome and its symptoms .

 In addition, you may be tormented by headaches , insomnia or, conversely, a person can be constantly sleepy, pain in the joints and spine. Those people who smoke, during this period can smoke a lot of cigarettes , and it can also brings people to the point that they begin to consume alcohol , which , in their opinion , relieves fatigue. But alcohol does not help to cope with chronic fatigue , but , on the contrary , makes it worse.Sometimes people who have to cope with fatigue , begin to consume gallons of coffee or even worse - hooked on various energy drinks or pills, but it will help you for a little period of time but then the body will still crash .  Therefore, if you suspect that you have the syndroms, it is best to try to handle it on your own and to get a break but you can also go to the doctor.

 So how do you cope with chronic fatigue at home, while its not too seriouse?


First , give your body a rest , try to sleep more . On weekdays, try to go to bed as early as possible , and on weekends in general disconnect all phones and sleep for as long as your body wants .

 Secondly , in the evening do not do housework , and better go and enjoy your favorite thing that gives you pleasure . And most importantly , do not blame yourself for what you didn’t have time to do during day , its  not as important as your health!!!


Third, before bed time ventilate the room,

 Make it a habit to do exercise or yoga - it's all good to cope with the physical and emotional fatigue.

 Weekends do what you like, but turn off all phones , distracting from business. At the weekend you can do whatever you like and let all your business  wait until Monday .


Take care of yourself!!